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Announcing DA's Idea Torrent

We are happy to announce that the Digital Agenda Idea Torrent is live and ready to be used. This service is using Ubuntu's Idea Torrent application (known in a previous life as Brainstorm).

We think Idea Torrent will be a fantastic way of collating a large number of problems, solutions, and discussion. It should allow for focussed discussion and eventually the production of a document that is balanced and responsive to people needs.

We will be publishing a video describing how Torrent works but in the mean time you can read over Ubuntu's description to get an idea what the plan is.

There are two subjects that are currently online. The first, and main subject is the copyright consultation where we would like to collect ideas, garner discussion and eventually craft a submission to parliament regarding copyright reform. Secondly we are trying to eat our own dog food and are also going to try to collect website problems and solutions there.

This is still a work in progress, contact us if you notice anything not working as it should.


Torrents useless in Canada

what good is this when Canadas digital world is throttled and capped.

too bad :(

CRTC Hearing

Good point! BitTorrent has, for example, posted evidence that it is having a lot of trouble selling its protocol to Canadian companies because of the throttling, and suggested that Canadian ISPs are the worst globally in terms of how much they interfere with the ability of BitTorrent to function.

We're hoping the CRTC will, at least, force ISPs to unthrottle applications pretty soon!

If you think that IdeaTorrent should discuss other topics such as what to do about net neutrality as well as copyright, feel free to suggest it as an idea!