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Bill C-32: Copyright Modernization Act

Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act, was introduced into Parliament on June 3, 2010. The bill contains some important changes to fair dealing in Canada. For example, it legalizes parody and satire, and broadens fair dealing for educational purposes. On the downside, the bill mirrors the highly criticized U.S. DMCA provisions on digital locks, reflecting an acquiescence to American industry demands. The proposed provisions make it an infringement to circumvent any digitally-locked content, even for purposes of fair dealing.

Your help is needed to fix Bill C-32 before it becomes law. Find out how you can:

The scoop on Copyright

Quebec 'educates' students on evils of CD piracy, ignores private copy levy

In annually released and updated 'eduactional materials', Revenu Quebec has been educating Quebec youths as to tragic impact of CD Piracy, ignoring not only the fact that such copying has been legal in Canada for almost a decade, but also that copyright holders are compensated for blank CD sales.

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Announcing DA's Idea Torrent

We are happy to announce that the Digital Agenda Idea Torrent is live and ready to be used. This service is using Ubuntu's Idea Torrent application (known in a previous life as Brainstorm).

We think Idea Torrent will be a fantastic way of collating a large number of problems, solutions, and discussion. It should allow for focussed discussion and eventually the production of a document that is balanced and responsive to people needs.

Montreal Copyright Town Hall

Watch a replay of the Montreal copyright consultation town hall:

Read a summary here:

France Delays Passing 3-Strike Copyright Penalty Scheme

The French National Assembly faces yet another delay in its attempt to implement its 3 strikes and your off the Internet approach to copyright enforcement.

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