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Digital Agenda (.ca) is intended to educate and help individual Canadian citizens get involved in decision making processes that impact the digital world. The maxim "Learn. Act. Share." outlines our vision of getting involved. An educated individual is much better equipped to advocate for an issue. They are also more able to discuss the issue with their friends and colleagues. Without sharing an issue it will eventually sputter out and not get the attention it deserves. Our hope is that we can make tools available that will assist Canadians in getting involved.

About the Issues
We chose 4 relevant issues to start blogging and writing about. Copyright, the Electronic Commerce Protection Act, Lawful Access, and Net Neutrality. There will very likely be other issues that arise and these issues may fall down and we will try to keep up with what's most important.

About CIPPIC was created and is maintained by the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) which is a public interest law clinic at the University of Ottawa.

Future Plans
We are also very open to ideas, questions, and contributions on where we go from here. Feel free to email us (use the "Contact" link above) or twitter us @cippic.

Thanks for Reading!
The DA Team